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Jeri Ledbetter
2830 W. Forest Hills Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Newcomer Category
Jackson Hole Wildlife
Film Festival 2005

Best Human
Interest Film
Flagstaff Mountain
Film Festival 2005

Official Selection
Mountain Film
Telluride 2005

Hanging with the Sloth was conceived, produced, and edited by Jeri Ledbetter. Jeri was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her father played a pink-and-blue dog on a popular children's television show. Despite this clear portent that she was destined for a life on least one side of the camera, she determinedly frittered away several decades in other pursuits. She is a pilot, environmental activist, and a river guide in Grand Canyon.

In 2003 Ledbetter returned to college to study filmmaking and revive her fascination with sloths. Ten years earlier she had been introduced to Buttercup, a hand-raised orphan sloth that still lives at Aviarios del Caribe, a sloth rescue center in Costa Rica. She decided to make a short educational film as a class project. Shouldn't take too long, she thought.

The result, Sloth Ballet, was a huge success. Each day visitors to the rescue center watch the twelve-minute film and become hopelessly enamored with the animals.

Next Jeri went to work on a longer version, Hanging with the Sloth.

Thousands of hours later, what began as a "class project" has led to two award-winning films and a deeper infatuation with sloths.

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